Bangla Support for Android

Posted on February 27, 2013


The bls-1.0 library is for android developers who want to add Bangla support to their application.

Download the project:

git clone git://

or it download from here

Browse in the assets folder you will find solaimanlipinormal.ttf font NOTE: NO OTHER FONT WILL WORK WITH BLS-1.0

The libs folder has the bls-1.0.jar library

Copy the font in the assets folder and copy bls-1.0.jar in libs folder of your project. Create libs folder if it doesn’t exist. Add bls-1.0.jar to your project’s buildpath. From your Activity class call

Three parameters needs to be passed to the method

  • Main.this: Is the Context
  • text: The Bengali text to be rendered
  • textview: Is the veiw which you want the text to be displayed in (In this case it is TextView. You can use others eg:Button

You can also run this sample application for reference

Bengali Language Support Sample App Screenshot

Bengali Language Support Sample App Screenshot

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